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Joy Comes in the Mourning by Dave Johnson

Dave Johnson is the senior pastor at the Church of the Open Door in Minneapolis. Dave is a superb Bible expositor. This book is virtually a word for word version of the video series Blessings in Disguise. Describing "Open Door," Pastor Tom Allen comments that when he and his wife came to the church, devastated from past hurts, they found a church where people from every walk of life worshipped together with no pretense, where their broken hearts could be healed. Gradually they realised that Open Door was a church where Pastor and people strove to live out Christ's teaching in Matthew 5. This teaching on the Beatitudes has not only been used by God to transform "Open Door" but is now available as a book called, 'Joy Comes in the Mourning' and a video series 'Blessings in Disguise.' Very highly recommended.

The Church of the Open Door at or by phone 1 800 618 7186. Catalogues are available of Dave's ministry.

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