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God continues to lead us and teach us of Himself and His ways. Things change as the years go back and the Lord moves in our hearts in different ways. The team are involved in a wide range of ministries these days including; Rooted in Christ, Freedom in Christ, Baptist Women, some teaching in the Irish Baptist College Women's Ministry Course, counselling, mentoring, discipleship and so much more.

Please pray for us as we individually and as a group seek the Lord for His guidance and direction as we week to adjust to His activities and purposes.

We are also constantly aware of the spiritual war in which were are engaged, a war already won by Christ, but whose outworking are so obvious in the days in which we live.

The Celebration of Hope with Franklin Graham was such a blessing as we saw many thousands gather in the Odyssey Arena to hear the Gospel and respond to His call upon their lives. Yet we want more and long to see revival and transformation across our land. Pray that God will have mercy on this land and touch us again with His Spirit. There is still a legacy from the past; young men and women without hope commit suicide in frightening numbers, others turn to drink, drugs, sex, pornography, wealth, status, power to try to meet needs which only God can meet.

Matthew records in chapter 24 of his Gospel the words of Christ in response to a question about the end times.

    "Many will come to mislead you, saying 'I am the Christ'."
    "There will be wars and rumours of wars."
    "Nation will rise against nation."
    "There will be famines and earthquakes."
    "There will be tribulation and persecution."
    "You will be hated by the nations."
    "False prophets will arise and mislead many."
    "Lawlessness will increase."
    "Most people's love will grow cold."
    Matthew 24:14 "And this gospel of the kingdom will be proclaimed throughout the whole world as a testimony to all nations, and then the end will come."

We live in a world in which we see so much of what Jesus spoke of in this chapter. Jesus told the disciples only the Father knows when this will happen but He also told us not to be caught unawares. May we remain faithful to the end.

 Committed to the Great Commission to 'make disciples'
Grow in Grace is based in Northern Ireland
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